GPO Loopback not working? Check your GPO Status

Grumble fuss, why isn’t my loopback GPO applying the user settings to systems?  The GPO is in the right area, the scope WMI Filtering is correct, the loopback setting is set and to the right value, but it’s still not taking…  Make sure you check the GPO’s Details tab checking the GPO Status setting on that page.  Our organization in general makes User only or Computer only GPOs, so a GPO that has settings for both is very rare except in some specific cases where these loopback ones are used.  So when I copied a template of a Computer only GPO and added user settings I forgot to look at the page listed above where it was set to “User configuration settings disabled” and change it to just Enabled so both policies apply.  We do this because since these policies are only one or another altering this setting tells the computer to ignore the other side saving some time on processing.  However, it also made me fussy for a couple hours until I realized what was going on.

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