OpenDNS dynamic IP updating via Asus routers

Run OpenDNS on your home network but hate running the OpenDNS dynamic update client on your computers or don’t even have a Windows or Mac system?  If you use an Asus router you can configure it to do the update for you!

OpenDNS has a service that you can login to with your OpenDNS account, create a “service” with OpenDNS as the option, then select the Network Label that corresponds to the account you want this to update, and finally click Update Account Info.  Once all of that is complete login to your Asus router’s admin interface and then go to WAN -> DDNS -> and configure the DDNS Service.

  • Enable the DDNS Client = Yes
  • Method to retrieve WAN IP = Start with Internal and see if it works
  • Server =
  • Host Name = Leave empty
  • Username or Email Address = Your OpenDNS account email
  • Password or DDNS Key = OpenDNS password
  • Enable WIldcard = No
  • Force update internal (in days) = Default is 21 but might want to try 1 to update your DNS daily
  • WAN IP and hostname verification = No
  • HTTPS/SSL Certificate if it tried to enable it.

Comments or questions?

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